Happy Easter

I hope everyone is excited for the holiday weekend and that you all get to enjoy family and friends. I wanted to let you know about the fun art project I did with my dogs this week.

I traced their pictures from a photo onto a canvas using graphite paper. The lighting on your photo matters to get all the details on the face. I tried to get all the details I could so it would really look like my baby. Then I picked out some fun colors that I liked and just had fun painting in different colorful shapes inside the main outline. I chose to paint different parts in different colors, but you could make a more symmetrical design if you want like in the sample photo. Here is a quick time lapse of my process.

These are my finished paintings of Maisy and Cooper. Then I just had more fun with the background embellishments. These are so fun! If you try this out with one of your pets, I would love it if you could share it on my FB page, Painting Junkie.