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Happy Easter

I hope everyone is excited for the holiday weekend and that you all get to enjoy family and friends. I wanted to let you know about the fun art project I did with my dogs this week.

I traced their pictures from a photo onto a canvas using graphite paper. The lighting on your photo matters to get all the details on the face. I tried to get all the details I could so it would really look like my baby. Then I picked out some fun colors that I liked and just had fun painting in different colorful shapes inside the main outline. I chose to paint different parts in different colors, but you could make a more symmetrical design if you want like in the sample photo. Here is a quick time lapse of my process.

These are my finished paintings of Maisy and Cooper. Then I just had more fun with the background embellishments. These are so fun! If you try this out with one of your pets, I would love it if you could share it on my FB page, Painting Junkie.

Here is a sample of one I found online of one that is more symmetrical if you prefer that type of painting.

The background has some cute doggie shapes too.

Check out my FB live from this morning where I show you how to transfer their name in any font onto the canvas too.

I plan on doing these with my family this weekend and I will post on my page too.

Have a great weekend and happy painting!


Painting Junkie

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